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That was an enjoyable 9th inning

The nascent Phillies/Mets rivalry kicked into an even higher gear last night.  Truthfully and meaningfully, the competition between the Phillies and Mets hasn't been lengthy or historic but I don't know if there's a more intense rivalry in the sport right now.  Although the Mets lost this game as much (or moreso) than the Phillies won it, I'll still take it.  As I said to a Mets fan friend last night via text message, "This is like Yanks/Sox but rife with incompetence."

There was so much to love about that 9th inning last night.  A two-run double from So Taguchi.  Shane Victorino's seizurely gestures at second base, and subsequent glaring into the Mets dugout from home-plate (gloating is fair play after Fernando Tatis's little happy dance at home plate in Philly earlier this month).  A helpless Billy Wagner on the bench, watching and surely squirming. 

It's been a rough month for us.  And as Phillies fans we know better than to gloat too much, as the tables can turn on us rather quickly, but by God I'm going to enjoy last night for quite a while.