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Lidge extention: 3 years, 37.5 Mil

Phils extend Lidge for 3 more years at over 12 mil per year.  Hmmm...what to think about that.  That is a lot of money for a closer, but it does allow them to not obsess over a closer as so many teams do.  It is also for 3 years and not 4, which is fairly significant.  Of course, the Phils put almost 40 million into him and do not get the 2 first round draft picks they would have gotten if he left.

Are we sold on Lidge?  Dominant closer who then got knocked out of his closer role in his prime for 2 years before coming here and getting back on track.  I love Lidge as a low cost (in terms of years) back of the bullpen, but now he is expected to be a top tier closer for 3 more years.  I think we may have bought high on this as we did with Romero.  Not that I am complaining per se as it is within a range I might have gone.  The smart move would have been to extend him before the season for maybe 2/3rds of the cost, but the Phils don't look at history when they make decisions, they look at what is happening right now.