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GAME RECAP: 8/10/08 - Phils vs. Bucs

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Due to some unforeseen, automobile-related circumstances (cars are allowed to get wet, right?), we missed the game thread today.

Nonetheless, I got to endure a second consecutive multiple-hour rain delay on a home Sunday, but that ultimately ended in a series-clinching victory, with the Phils beating the Pirates today 6-3.

It was good to see the Phillies take advantage of the Pirates' mistakes, but the young Bucs basically handed three runs to the Phillies.

Madson looked good coming in for the save, but if you can't put the Pirates' 7-8-9 down in order, you've got some serious concerns.

Very welcome home run for Utley, for his only hit in the series.  Let's hope he's getting back on track.  The team needs him.

Oh, and it's not supposed to be this cold in August.