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Join Me in L.A. - Game Thread 8/11/08

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The Phillies take on the newly-Mannyfied Los Angeles Dodgers for the first time in 2008 as they start a week-long west coast trip that takes them to L.A. for four games, followed by three in San Diego.

The Phillies send grizzled sophomore Kyle Kendrick to the mound against sinkerballer Derek Lowe.

If anyone's looking forward to this road trip, it might just be former UCLA Bruin Chase Utley, who brings a career .997 OPS vs. L.A. into the series, and a gaudy 1.084 OPS vs. San Diego.

All eyes will be on hitting savant and Predator look-alike Manny Ramirez, who has been nothing short of monstrous since starting play in the Senior Circuit: Four homers, nine RBI in eight games. It's probably for the best that Jamie Moyer misses this series; Manny's career OPS against the ancient former Mariner is 1.379, his best against any pitcher (min. 40 plate appearances).