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Phillies DIPS

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While responding to dajafi's Kendrick post, I decided to look at the DIPS ERAs for all the Phillies pitchers.  For those unaware, DIPS stands for defense independent pitching stats and was coined by Voros McCracken at the tail end of last get read up.  While not the perfect of all stats, it certainly gives an idea what a pitcher would be doing if luck had no role whatsoever.

Player Name ERA DIPS DIPS%

JC Romero  2.27 4.51 1.99

Chad Durbin 2.15  3.20  1.49

Brad Lidge  2.10  2.61  1.24

Jamie Moyer  3.64  4.28  1.18

Ryan Madson  3.16  3.71  1.17

Cole Hamels  3.22  3.68  1.14

Clay Condrey  3.60  4.03  1.12

Kyle Kendrick  5.01  5.15  1.03

Brett Myers  5.02  5.16  1.03

Adam Eaton  5.80  5.15  0.89

These numbers don't bode well for the Phils.  Even Myers and Kendrick are showing to be a little lucky.  Romero is living up to his initials.  I would have thought Moyer to be a bit higher though. 

Let's hope that the luck continues to flow.