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Deal: 8/2/08

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It's not really a fair question, but I wonder if the Phillies brain trust has any regrets right now about trading for Joe Blanton, who makes his third start in the red pinstripes this evening. The team has won Blanton's first two contests, with little thanks to him: the rotund Kentuckyian left the game on the losing end both times. Given the ongoing signals that the Phillies would like to see J.A. Happ get another chance to start, and their falling just short in trade talks earlier this week, it wouldn't surprise me if there were some second thoughts.

But the die is cast, and now the team must go forward. Blanton has never previously faced the Cardinals, while St. Louis starter Braden Looper has 59 career appearances against the Phils, all but one in relief. The onetime Mets closer is 1-2 with 16 saves, but a 5.85 lifetime ERA in those contests.