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Emotions Recollected in Tranquility, or: DAMN! YOU JUST BEEN PWNED!!!

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What else can really be said about last night's stunning 8-7 victory over the archrival New York Mets?

Observe the stark contrast between comeback kid Fernando Tatis and his showboating after key hits, and the cool, restrained reaction of Chris Coste -- who has endured an even more difficult road in professional baseball -- after driving in the winning run in the 13th inning.

The bullpen, a season-long strength, strapped on their collective gear yet again, allowing only a single run over the game's final 10 innings.  Rudy Seanez actually looked awesome.  Rudy SEANEZ, people.

Top and bottom of the lineup heroics, picking up the slack (again?) for the underperforming 2-5 hitters.

The cameramen's reaction shots of that Mets fan with the ridiculous chinstrap beard, hands on his head and alternating looks of joy and agony. 

The struggles of Pedro Martinez, arguably the greatest pitcher ever, who's now kicking and scraping to make it through five innings.  It's sad to watch and I honestly take no joy in it.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, for all practical purposes, a loss tonight leaves us in a worse position than we were yesterday afternoon.  Still a half game back, but with two fewer games left in the season.  A win tonight against Santana, heading into a sure to be excruciating series in Chicago, not only makes a big statement, but mitigates some of the damage the Phillies are likely to take this weekend from the juggernaut Cubs.  (Yes, I called the Cubs a "juggernaut").