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Marson, Golson Among First Callups

This is a surprise

Right-hander Adam Eaton and left-hander J.A. Happ were recalled from triple-A Lehigh Valley and outfielder Greg Golson and catcher Lou Marson had their contracts purchased from double-A Reading.

I didn't think Marson would come at all and saw Golson as a bit less than 50-50. Jason Jaramillo has been at triple-A for years now and seems to be more trusted as a defender, and I can't believe Marson will get any starts behind the plate. But I guess as a late-inning PH option he's preferable to Jaramillo. Golson has a pretty obvious role: pinch-runner and defensive sub. And he's a better bet to homer by accident than, say, Taguchi. Happ could get a start at some point, but more likely he'll see work in long relief.

Eaton... well, I guess he's a better pinch-running option than Kendrick or pinch-hitting option than Myers. Just let's not see him pitch, mmmkay?