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Can the Phillies hit any pitching? 8-9-08

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Okay, so they haven't scored a run in 3,202 consecutive innings, but we can still have a good time, huh guys?

Brett Myers takes the hill, hoping for a third strong start in a row, after which he'll surely be disappointing at a lack of run support. At least the pitching staff will have reason to bond together.


Pittsburgh Pirates @ Philadelphia Phillies

08/09/08 7:05 PM EDT

Pittsburgh Pirates Philadelphia Phillies
Freddy Sanchez - 2B Jimmy Rollins - SS
Doug Mientkiewicz - 1B Shane Victorino - CF
Nate McLouth - CF Chase Utley - 2B
Ryan Doumit - C Ryan Howard - 1B
Brandon Moss - LF Pat Burrell - LF
Steve Pearce - RF Jayson Werth - RF
Jose Bautista - 3B Greg Dobbs - 3B
Luis Rivas - SS Chris Coste - C
Ian Snell - P Brett Myers - P