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Well, THAT Happ-ened! Phillies/Braves 9/17/08 recap

Recipe for success: Score runs early.  Hold the lead.

JA Happ and the Phillies did just that Wednesday night.  The four runs the Philadelphia Phillies scored in the first inning were all JA Happ needed, as the Phillies went on the defeat the Atlanta Braves 6-1.

Happ didn't look amazing; there were lots of long, loud outs.  Nonetheless, he gave up some baserunners and didn't fall apart, which is absolutely huge.  With the Mets and Brewers both victorious tonight, a win tonight was very important.  Overall tonight wasn't as great as last night, but it was certainly less nerve-wracking.

The Phillies close out the series on Thursday night, looking for a huge sweep.  Every win is crucial, especially with a weekend series with the Florida Marlins, who have now won 7 in a row.  Yikes.