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Phillies Tidbits

Entering the last week of the season, I figured I'd try to look at some interesting stats.

Hamels: 220.3 IP

Assuimg Cole makes his next start and pitches 2+ innings, he'll be on pace to have the most innings pitched by a starter in 10 years.  Unless that game goes into some deep extras and Cole pitches them all, he won't match Shilling's 268.7 IP in 1998.  Yeah, 15 complete games.  I don't remember that either.  No CY Young votes for him either.  As a side note and purely an opinion, I noticed that Tyler Green still happened to be on the team that year and I watched him on the post game show today and he sucked.  No offense Tyler, but you were awful.  He said that Howard is a legit MVP candidate because the difference between his .247 avg and Pujols avg is all a bunch of empty bloop hits that mean nothing because you are left on base.  I mean, COME ON MAN!

Carlos Ruiz: 66 OPS+ (for a "starter") is the lowest since...wait for it...last year.  Abe Nunez had an OPS+ of 54 last year in 252 ABs.  Nunez had 11 extra base hits in 252 ABs.  Yeah, and we made the playoffs.

Phillies: Have 7 guys with double digit HRs and 3 guys with 9 (Jenkins, Coste and Dobbs).  If 1 or 2 of those guys top 10, that would be the most players with double digit homeruns since 2004, when Lieby, Thome, Polanco, Bell, Rollins, Burrell, Abreu, Michaels and Utley all did it.  (Btw, in 1998, they only had 3 guys get double digit HRs, Brogna, Rolen and Abreu). 

Phillies:  Currently 20 games over .500.  The most the team has been over .500 since 1993 when they peaked at 35 over on Sept 28th.  This team has been 2 games under .500.  That team was never under.  The 2000 team was never over .500 and the 2001 and 2003 team was bever under .500.  Both those teams were painful to watch as they were always good, but just never were consistently really good.  The 1997 team bottomed out at 47 games under .500. 

Offense: Worst OPS+ (103) (tied with 2003) since 2001 when they had a 97.  Tomas Perez was 4th on that team in OPS+ at 103. 

Pitching: Best ERA+ (at 113) since 1976 (115).  The '94 strike team was at 112.  Consequently, that gives them the 4th best ERA+ for this franchise since 1920.  That 1976 team was built a little differently with 3 starters at 200+ innings and 3 bullpen guys at 90+ innings.  10 guys on the staff the entire year except for 3 innings of 1 game. 

Offense:  Need just 11 HRs to break their all time mark of 216 set 2 years ago. 

Myers: Has recorded his 5th season with double digit wins.  Last Phillie to do that was Curt Schilling who also had 5.

Phillies:  Last time they made the playoffs in back to back years was 1980 and 1981.  Would be nice, right?