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Phillies lose, Mets win, it ain't over yet.

Despite another gutty performance from a clearly gassed Cole Hamels, the Phillies yet again failed to score runs for the young lefthander, and the Braves prevailed over the Phils by a score of 3-2.  A promising scoring opportunity in the bottom of the 6th petered out for the Phils with Pat Burrell getting caught in a rundown with no outs, and Shane Victorino getting caught stealing.  Giving up outs of the basepaths = recipe for FAILURE.

Meanwhile in Flushing, Mets shortstop and Chris Wheeler spank bank Hall of Famer Jose Reyes smacked a bases clearing triple in the 6th and the Mets held on to beat the Cubs 6-2.

The Brewers are still in action in Milwaukee, currently trailing the Pittsburgh Pirates 3-2.  For what it's worth, the resemblance between Eric Gagne 2008 and Seth Rogen is uncanny.