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WHO WANTS IT?! 9/24/08 NL Stumble-to-the-Pennant Update

I don't really know if the ramifications of that evening of "baseball" I just watched, but all I know is that I experienced pretty much every conceivable emotion, including hunger.  And I am both praising and cursing the Comcast corporation for delivering the wonders of the Extra Innings package to my home.  My wife is definitely cursing, but heaven knows she'll wait.  It's not like it was her birthday this week or anything.  Oh wait...

FIRST, our Phillies crapped the bed against Jo-Jo Friggin' Reyes, Brett Myers once again looked like the Anton LaVey lookalike, AA demotee he was earlier this summer, the defense was sloppy, and they lost 10-4.

THEN, after falling behind 5-1 after a Carlos Delgado GRAND SLAM, the Cubs rally back, first against enigmatic (read: torturously inconsistent) lefty Oliver Perez and then the New York Mets historically bad bullpen.  Tied 6-6, the Mets led off the bottom of the 9th with a triple, only to STRAND THE POOR BASTARD OUT THERE.  The Cubs would win in 10 innings after a two out Derrek Lee bloop double followed by an Aramis Ramirez ding-dong.  Cubs win 9-6.

AND THEN the Brewers won a DAMNED BASEBALL GAME (4-2) with TWO HITS (both singles).  Good job Pirates, walking nine batters!  And good job, CC Sabathia, being a beached whale with great command. 

This would be a fun game:  See if every MLB team can produce THREE players on their active 25 man rosters who, put together, weigh less than Sabathia and Prince Fielder combined.  You have to figure that Sabathia and Fielder combined weigh about 575 pounds.  We're being conservative here; I'm pretty sure they're closer to six bills than they are to 550.  Jimmy Rollins, So Taguchi, and Shane Victorino combined are probably about 540 pounds.  Swap in Jamie Moyer and/or Cole Hamels and you're probably less than CC and Prince.  Try this at home!  Difficulty: No Eckstein.

As it stands now, the Phillies sit 1 1/2 games ahead of both the Mets and Brewers.  The Phillies are idle tomorrow, although if weather reports are to be believed, the Mets will be idle tomorrow, too.  This promises to be interesting.