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Playoff Rotation

I think the short 5 game series in the first round puts extra emphasis on your top starters.  It is possible to have two excellent pitchers start 4 of the 5 games (with only one going on short rest).  The Phils are in a good situation to take advantage of that.  I had talked about this earlier, but I am actually changing how I'd pitch my starters.

Myers: Wed Sept 24th
Hamels: Tues Sept 23rd
Moyer: Sat Sept 27th

Gm 1 Wed Oct. 1 Myers 6 days
Gm 2 Thu Oct. 2 Hamels 8 days
Gm 3 Sat Oct. 4 Moyer 6 days
Gm 4* Sun Oct. 5 Myers 3 days
Gm 5* Tue Oct. 7 Hamels 4 days

I'd throw Myers out there for game 1 and have him pitch on short rest instead of Blanton (assuming he was successful).  Going on that Myers last two games were a blip and that he was successful on short rest before, I think this would be our best pitching roatation.  He'll have an extra 2 days of rest prior to game one, and this allows us to pitch Hamels in game 5 on normal rest or even start the next series if we win it before 5.

To me, this looks like the best possible way the Phils could manage their post season staff.  If Myers blows up in game 1, then by all means, use Blanton if we get to game 4.  However, leave yourself the option if Myers pitches lights out.