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Sifting through the ashes - Phillies vs. Mets recap

Normally taking 2 of 3 from your division rival on their turf would be cause for celebration (or at the very least, marked approval), but at this point in the season, and their places in the standings, it's just not enough.

Brett Myers continued his surprising and very welcome run of Cy Young-quality pitching and Jamie Moyer rebounded from a horrendous start against the Mets a couple weeks ago to post two of the very best pitched games of the season for the Phillies.  Hopes were high for last night, with Cole Hamels taking the hill.  Sadly, and for whatever reason, it wasn't to be.  Everyone deserves a clunker once in awhile, Cole's just came at a bad time, and versus the best pitcher on the planet.  And it doesn't help that Hamels was done in by some bad calls (the tag of Wright at third) and sloppy play by his teammates (catcher's interference, Utley missing the force at second).  Yes, he could have gotten a little help from his teammates, but Cole himself served up those cookies to Delgado.  You can't spread that blame around.

At this point in the season the team's schedules are very similar (home and away series against divisional also-rans, and a four-game series at home versus playoff favorites Chicago (NY) and Milwaukee (PHI).  A great deal is going to depend on how each team handles its own NL Central contender series.  However, while the Brewers continued tanking might be good for the Phillies vis-a-vis the Wild Card,  it would probably allow the Cubs to rest their regulars and front-line starting pitchers as the division will basically be wrapped up by the time the Mets play the Cubs later this month.

It'll be tough, but as we saw last season, not impossible.  Take care of business against Milwaukee and the wild card is a real possibility.