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2009 Community Projection: Jimmy Rollins

The days are becoming noticeably longer, even if they aren't much warmer.  Spring training starts in a few short weeks.  Let's start bangin' these out.


Aside from the small matter of a World Championship, 2008 was mostly a down year for Jimmy Rollins.  However, there were some encouraging statistical nuggets to be found: His OBA of .349 was the highest of his career, and he drew a career-high 58 walks in a career-low 625 plate appearances.  I kind of suspect that his April ankle injury robbed him of a lot of his power; hopefully he hold onto his 2008 plate discipline, and recapture his 2006-07 power.  If he does, look out National League...


Post your predicted 2009 Rollins stats in this format:




Adding: Feel free to comment on your projections; this thread doesn't have to just be a string of computer numbers*.