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Phillies Breakfast Links, October 1, 2009: The Hangover, Resting, Maui Wowee


Bob Ford: Title came earlier but not easier
Remember how bad the starting pitching was in April?


It’s Always Classy in Philadelphia
Giving Brad Lidge the last out of the game was a great move by Charlie.


Phillies Clinch Division Title, but Worries Abound
And here comes the New York Times to pee in all our Cheerios.


Group feeds the hungry with leftovers from Citizens Bank Park, Lincoln Financial Field
You always wondered, and now you know.

Happ, Hanson among NL ROY candidates

I haven't decided who deserves the award on merit yet, but I'm definitely rooting for J.A. Happ to win it just 'cause. 


Bill Conlin: Phillies clinch, now it's time for a laugh


Phillies await NL Division Series foe
I really don't care at this point. So many uncontrollable things in the postseason.


Phillies Notebook: Manuel to rest regulars as Phillies go after home-field advantage
Bruntlett to Cairo to Dobbs.


Phillies really did have division title in bag

"I can hear you," Chase Utley said to Victorino as he re-entered the room, "in the bleeping batting cage."


Victorino, Phillies claim third straight NL East title -
No Questions Asked


K-Rod, Mets slammed
What a proper "end" to such a wonderful season in Flushing.


Paul Hagen: Golden era continues for Phillies fans
There are kids in fifth grade with no memory of the Phillies' last losing season.


'Billy Beane Of Office Softball' Profiled In Book 'MoneySoftball' | The Onion

"Kocher was the first to suggest that office softball teams overvalue players simply because they are big and fat, or because they played a little baseball in high school," author Michael Lewis said during a book signing Tuesday.