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Phillies Breakfast Links, October 13, 2009: "BEAT L.A.!" Edition


Hamels lined up to start NLCS Game 1
"You know..."


Phillies no match for Gonzalez' big bat
He would have haunted my nightmares had the Phillies lost this series.


Best: Fox, MLB would love NY-LA World Series

"With the Yankees advancing, I think it's fair to say we were sitting with a winning hand either way,'' Fox Sports president Ed Goren said. "There's no question that right out of the chute, game to game, you'll see an increase in ratings over the last couple of years.''

We all know it's true, but wow, talk about piss-poor marketing. "We only have one (maybe two) desirable products."


Making new baseball memories
Normally I hate these "Phillies win because of grit and determination" puff pieces, but I'm just in the mood today!


Tell us: Who do you want to see in the World Series?
You guys know what to do. Phillies-Angels.


Park Could Return for NLCS
"An Influential English Daily in South Kroea" reports on our pal, Chan Ho Park.


Franzke Makes the Call
Jayson Werth's RBI single, and the last out, as called by Phillies radio announcer Scott Franzke (the new Voice of the Phillies).


20 things to ponder about the Dodgers


Phillies Notebook: Howard didn't miss it
That might be the biggest hit of Ryan Howard's career. I feel privileged for having seen it. - Quotable: 'Get me to the plate, boys'
Ryan Howard = Legend.


Head-scratching moves work out
I wouldn't call putting Scott Eyre in a "head-scratcher." He's murder on lefties, and do you really trust Lidge, still?


Celizic: Angels present Yanks with biggest challenge
Mike "The Hat" Celizic is, and remains, one of the worst sportswriters in the world.