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Phillies Breakfast Links, October 15, 2009: Hated in the Nation, Rotating, Bandwagon Jumpers


Phillies Notebook: Pedro likely candidate to start Game 2 for Phillies
Exciting, but nerve-wracking! Go Pedro!


Phillies' Cole Hamels gets first crack at Dodgers
He's pitched in L.A. a lot this season; I've seen that commercial where the guy comes out of the stands, like, 600 times now. "Who are you?" (flat affect)


Phillies Notes: Martinez goes in Game 2; Myers reportedly off roster
With extra-creepy closeup of Brett.


Clippers' Butler is a Phillies guy
Great, we're doomed.


Phillies catcher Ruiz again steps up game in playoffs
You could ask for more at the plate, April through September, but the results in October otherwise are hard to quibble with.


TBS ratings up for division series, but Rockies-Phillies not a big draw
Well, no f---ing s--- it wasn't a big draw, most of us were at work, or asleep, for the games.


Broad Street Billy: This kid's a real Phils phan: Only 2 and already booing
Ehh, foul ball tossback girl is still cuter.


Dodgers owners separating
I hope they split everything; she gets Manny Ramirez, he gets Andre Ethier.


Inqlings: Radio war in Phils' future?
Good, I hope they get them off "The Big Talker" so I don't have to hear those vile Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh promos between innings anymore.


Eckersley feeling better about Phils closer Lidge
Can a moustache like that be wrong? Wait, yes. Yes it can.


Dear Phillies, please lose. Love, baseball.
This guy must be an 80 year old, soap opera watching grandmother. You're a really really s----y sports fan if you care about off-the-field STORYLINES as much as this doddering ninny does. Better leave work at 3 so you can get to the Early-Bird Special, Agnes! Oh look, his Twitter account is at the bottom of the article! Hmm...


Lidge has the courage to reclaim his heroism
I'll take first-pitch strikes over heroics anyday, thanks.


Wolf Pack won't be cheering for Randy now


Phillies, Angels Team Up To Stop Yankees
We're in the World Series, guys!