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Phillies Breakfast Links, October 19, 2009: Dodger Dogs, Wolf Gack, Joe the Lumber


Upbeat Moyer happy to rejoin Phillies
Glad you're back, Jamie.


All aboard the Chooch-choo; Ruiz is Phillies' flavor of the month
The dude is flat-out mashing. Of course they all did last night.


Phillies faithful see old-school whuppin'
This probably would have been awesome to see in person.


Thome has fond memories of Philly


Blanton given start for Game 4
Hopefully this goes as well as the last Game Four that Joe Blanton pitched.


Wolf returns to Philly
If I see any Wolf Pack in Red tonight, I'm strangling them with their awful rubber masks.


Local Authentication Company Gives Tips On Spotting Fake Memorabilia
First tip: If it says "Mets" and "Champions"... probably a fake.


Bill Lyon: Lee leads Phillies fast break
If Bill Lyon writes a column, you ought to read it.


Bill Conlin: A welcome return to Utley's routine
Ugh, how long will the hand-wringing go on? I'm no exempting myself here...


Fans make Ramirez feel most unwelcome
Hee hee hee...


Ace puts the Dodgers away quickly and efficiently
One of my favorite things about Cliff Lee (and possibly the only thing that kept last night's game from extending into the very early morning hours).


Stephen Strasburg sharp in Arizona Fall League debut
He struck out Domonic Brown! We're doomed. How many years do you think we'll get to see Strasburg and Brown facing off in NL East matchups? Hopefully tons.