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Phillies Breakfast Links, October 20, 2009: Abbreviated Afterglow Do-It-Yourself Edition, Part II

So yeah, I was there last night, and after an hour trying to get out of a Springsteen'd parking lot and two hours on the NJ Turnpike, there wasn't much sleep and even less chance to compile links.  So, here's a few to get you started.  Consider this an open thread, and add links to stories you like.



Phillies Notes: More than homers in Howard's game
Dude is just dialed in right now.


Superstitious Phillies fans follow rituals
I'm not one given to religious invocations, but I want to thank the elderly, wheelchair-bound woman sitting behind me who was praying the Rosary for the entire game last night. I dunno if it helped, but it certainly didn't hurt.


Phillies provide boost to bottom line
Sadly, The Good Phight isn't seeing any windfall from this. Hook us up, VerizoCast!