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Phillies Breakfast Links, October 21, 2009: One More, Cole on the Spot, Yankee Spankee


Philly police move to curb possible fan excesses
P.C. euphemism for "drunken riots?"


Phillies Notes: MLB players name Happ top NL rookie
I guess it's an honor?


'Chooch-tober' taking center stage in Philly
I love when he gets excited, he bares his teeth like some attack animal.


Phillies' base stealers have flourished under Lopes
Best at what he does in baseball -- by which I'm referring to "Looking like a longshoreman."


Concentration Pays Off at Plate for Phillies’ Ryan Howard
Just an unexcitable boy.


Snatching the Memories: The Tale of Ryan Howard's 200th Home Run Ball
This is such a weird story.


Renck: Tulowitzki would have loved winner-take-all game vs. Phillies
Yeah, and I would've loved a lapdance from a lingerie model but that doesn't mean it was gonna happen.


Vicente Padilla turns into Dodgers' ace --
Oh man, what a creepy picture. Looks like a combination of the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez, and Gene Simmons from KISS.


Manny's not concerned about Phillies' momentum
I kind of feel like nothing really concerns Manny.


Just win, Cole.


Stairs keeps stepping up
"Stairs walks, deeeep into the night, to first base..."


Yawning disparity in MLB getting tiresome
And last year, Tampa Bay made it to the World Series. The year before, Colorado. The year before that, Detroit and St. Louis. And by the way, remember when the Phillies couldn't afford to re-sign Curt Schilling about 10 years ago because they were "small-market"?


Sabathia, offense give Yankees win in Game 4
I'm one game away in each league from watching my work environment turn incredibly hostile.


MLB All-Star Victorino on Life in Baseball - Video -
I didn't count a single "No Questions Asked."