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Welcome, Yankee Haters!

How often is a Philadelphia team perceived, rightly or wrongly, as the plucky, lovable underdog?  We're not generally a lovable people.  But when you're squaring off in the World Series against probably the most loathed franchise in professional sports (with apologies to the Dallas Cowboys, and by "apologies" I mean "30,000 volt electric shocks to the eyeballs"), well, it's a case of strange bedfellows.

It's axiomatic that there are more haters of the Yankees than there are fans of the Phillies.  Please consider The Good Phight your second home on the Internet for the next week or so. 

We don't have a lot of direct reasons to hate the Yankees -- there was the 1950 World Series, but that's ancient history.  And there's the ass-whipping the Phillies took in the Bobby Abreu trade a few years back.  And of course the Yankees shortstop portion of the ESPN Holy Trinity of Jeter Favre Tiger.

So tell us: Why should we hate the Yankees?  Let's angry up the blood around here.  What are we in for these next few days?  Even casual baseball fans know about the sports media's endless waxing philosophic on All Things Pinstriped, but it's different when it's happening to your team!