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Phillies Breakfast Links, October 28, 2009: Let's Play Some World Series!, Maui Mommy, Mayors Actually Doing Things


Philly, NYC mayors make community service wager

I like this a lot more than the stupid cheesesteaks and bagels crap they usually pull. Will Bloomberg just pay his robot twin to make the trip?


NJ Gov. Hopefuls: You’re Out!

I knew I hated all of them: Tubby, Beardo, and Broke. Withholding my vote!


"Desperate" Phils Fan Offers Sex for Tix: Cops

Whatever she's offering, I'll... oh forget it.


In the Right - Obama, Corzine and the World Series

Location: The Lincoln Financial Services Field, which is a Tiger Woods three-wood away from the Citizens Bank Center where the baseball game will be played.

LOL what?


Friends CC and Lee oppose each other in Game 1

OK, quick, what does "CC" stand for? Cream Cheese? Cup Cakes?


Proud parents off to see Maui's Shane Victorino in World Series



 The World Series and New Jersey: where Yankees land meets Phillies country

Did you check the Pine Barrens?


Our pick: Phils over Yanks in a slugfest  

Sorry about all the rotten things I said about you this season, Atlanta.


Pedro Martinez Brings His Show Back to the Bronx

I love the Yankees quotes. They just hate hate hate hate Pedro so much.


Rollins defends prediction of Phillies in five

Buncha crybabies, "OH WAAHHHHH!!!! The mean man said mean things about our Yankees!!"


World Series rivalry splits family loyalties



The education of Brad Lidge

Well then, get some help, Brad.


Phillies will win World Series - The Daily Collegian Online

I appreciate the guy's premise, but just look at that photo. He looks like a villain from an 80s college sex comedy.


Michael Taylor: Adjusting To Mexico

Phillies prospect Michael Taylor's latest blog post from a Stanford blog.


Perkins: World Series a bitter pill for Indians fans
I feel somewhat guilty, but remember when this crap used to happen to us?


 Keith Olbermann thinks the key to a Phillies upset is Dennis Werth

Oh, Keith.