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The 2009 Good Phight World Series Prediction Contest

Hey, let's make this an annual ritual.  Once again, we're getting ready for Game 1 of the World Series.  A rematch of the 1950 Series and a matchup between the two largest East Coast cities.  Jimmy Rollins is being Jimmy Rollins, and New York Yankees fans are being New York Yankees fans.  Should be a great series.

And, here we're once again offering you a chance to turn your opinion about the series into Phillies merchandise with The 2009 Good Phight World Series Prediction Contest.

We're using the same basic format as last year.  Each of the items below is worth 1 point, except for the ultimate series prediction which is worth 3 points.  The winner is the entrant who gets the most points (ties are decided by random drawing).  The winner will receive one Phillies knit hat and one Phillies 2009 t-shirt (either NL champs or World Series champs).

All items are for the World Series only.

  1. Cliff Lee wins:
  2. Ryan Howard home runs:
  3. Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins stolen bases (combined total):
  4. Eric Bruntlett plate appearances:
  5. Phillies starting pitcher innings not by Cliff Lee or Pedro Martinez:
  6. Brett Myers innings pitched:
  7. Jimmy Rollins walks:
  8. Brad Lidge saves:
  9. Alex Rodriguez hits with runners in scoring position:
  10. Mariano Rivera runs allowed:
  11. World Series outcome (victor and # of games):

Good luck!!

[Limit one entry per screen name.  I'll take the latest entry if you enter multiple times.  Entries close at first pitch.]