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Phillies Breakfast Links, October 30, 2009: Even Steven, Stop It!, Negative Reinforcement


Shortish links today, I'm sure you can find Phillies news out there, somewhere, on the Internet today.

Philly transit strike looms
What a clusterf-. This will make Philadelphia look really great to the world. Top notch, guys.


Sunday in South Philadelphia: Eagles. Phillies. A sports fan's nirvana
That Jetro lot is going to look like something from The Lord of the Flies.


 Jersey bars hope World Series brings in more customers, cash
New Jersey continues to bask in its latest bit of non-Sopranos related attention.


Fans Greet Returning Phillies After 3 A.M.
Thanks, I needed to sleep.


'Fans' Take World Series Trash Talk To Wikipedia
Wikipedia vandalism can be fun, but it must be clever. This all appears, um, not clever.


'Will Ballhawk for Tickets"
Oh yeah, I actually hate this guy.


Phillies battle, but settle for split in Bronx
Hard to complain but uhhhhhhhhghh that game was winnable last night.


Pedro rocked by fans' venom
In or out of context, the "who's your daddy?" crap is pretty absurd. Didn't the Red Sox send the Yankees to the WORST POSTSEASON COLLAPSE OF ALL TIME just a month or so after those remarks were made?


'Desperate' Phillies Fan Gets Her World Series Wish - KTVI
And the lesson to be learned here is...


Jay-Z Leads Yankees To Victory
Wait, that wasn't Ja Rule?