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Phillies Breakfast Links, October 5, 2009: Mile High Mojo, Scroogied by TBS, Cholly Makes Up His Mind


Cairo could be part of Phillies postseason roster


In NLDS, Phillies fans must deal with day games again
This really eats it for those of us with day jobs.


Phillies Notes: Phils look to put rocky '07 postseason behind them
You'd have to think the mental approach will be different this time (if that matters at all).


Make Your Pitch: The NL playoff teams want YOU... - AZ Snakepit
The Arizona Diamondbacks blog on wanted all the playoff bloggers to ask for their support. As a former Arizonan, I gladly sold out and begged, all for you, my readers.


Phillies' Madson won’t be picky about playoff role
How's this for a role: "Guy who gets outs in the late innings."?


Phillies' attendance exceeds 3.6 million
Thank me.


Eyeing repeat, Phils need to turn it on
They've been "flat" for a couple weeks, which is impossible to quantify but "I see it with my eyes!"


Rockies-Phillies NLDS breakdown
My prediction: One team will win three games. - Meet the Colorado Rockies
Crashburn Alley does a thorough statistical analysis of the NLDS matchup, and likes the Phillies.


Manuel mum on Phils' rotation
These are kind of nice problems to have -- unlike the last time they played the Rockies in the NLDS, when they had to start Kyle Kendrick in Game Two of a playoff series.


Phillies' Manuel deserves manager of the year consideration
Aside from his questionable handling of the back end of the bullpen situation, I agree.