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Phillies Breakfast Links, October 8, 2009: Seize the Day, One Night in October, Sorry J.C.

For Phils' Werth, Game 1 was a day of adventure

"The towels are tough," Werth said. "I was more focused on just my path there where the ball would come at me. When it kind of went out of that - the view that I had - I never saw the ball. It wouldn't have made a difference a whole lot other than it might not have looked as bad."

He was seeing trails...

Wind makes for wild adventure in Philly
"In Citizens Bank Park, NO hot dog wrapper is safe!"


Rocktober slow to crank into gear for Rockies fans - Colorado Springs Gazette, CO

It was the same story at the downtown Old Chicago. Alicia Scott and Marc Pino proudly wore their purple and Rocktober beads, but as the game slipped away they endured the taunts of Phillies native and military man Drew Wilsey, who said people here "can’t match back-East enthusiasm, to put it nicely." 



Fla. girl sues, gets Ryan Howard's 200th HR ball
Easy solution to problem: Grab batting practice ball from bucket. then hand it over. (Yes, I know milestone balls are usually "marked" but let me have my joke, please?)


Local Phillies Fans Gather for Game - WPMT
great story... On the next page, "Area Man Walks Dog."


Former MLB P Powell dies of self-inflicted gunshot
Very sad for his family.


Bill Conlin: Phillies were in their element - wind and all
As is typical with a Conlin piece, my words are just inadequate.


Yanks and Phils deliver for shore area fans
And the Pines Burned.


Phillies Notes: Phillies' Hamels annoyed by day start times
Preach it, Cole.


The evolution of Ruben Amaro Jr. | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/07/2009

That night, the self-assured Amaro, who brashly labeled himself "The Total Package" but whose teammates called him "Epstein" because he shared a half-Jewish, half-Hispanic background with that Welcome Back, Kotter character - compounded his problems by enthusiastically, even swaggeringly, doing interview after interview.

Oh no. Was there a Horshach?


Brad Lidge’s Problems Cause Phillies Fans to Hold Their Breath -
And here comes the New York Times with another patronizing piece about the world outside the Island of Cubicles.


Romero to repair left elbow with surgery
Well that stinks. Get well, J.C.


Dodgers Take Out Carpenter, Cardinals
Keeping up with potential Phillies NLCS opponents. I hope the Dodgers win and Joe Torre murders that bullpen.