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Phillies Breakfast Links, November 13, 2009: Bowa Constrictor, Chase Utley is Silver

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Just a few links for you today.  Enjoy your weekend.


Phillies’ Utley wins fourth straight Silver Slugger Award


Bowa didn't change, so Phillies did
Bowa "shaped" Jimmy Rollins? I only remember that he wanted to turn him into a Junior Juan Pierre.


Phillies apparently looking at 3 for third base
Polanco at third base, about four years too late? And when was the last time he played there regularly?


New York Mets are reportedly 'absolutely in' on adding free agent Chone Figgins


NL East offseason rumblings
I object to the characterization of Javier Vazquez as "young."


Putting things in perspective: 3B, No. 7 and the GM Meetings
Scoring more runs never hurts.