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Phillies Breakfast Links, November 18, 2009: Happy Petey, Shane Gets Married, Swap Happ?

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Thanks for your patience around here.  This is truly the slowest part of the offseason.


Scott Lauber breaks it down.


Reports: Dodgers, Cubs stalk Martinez
If people are willing to overpay for Pedro Martinez, let them. He's worth more to other teams than the Phillies at this point, probably.


Park keeping options for 2010 open
I know we're talking negotiations and whatnot, but I really hope Park doesn't insist he's still a starting pitcher.


Phillies no stranger to awards
It's really funny how much less of a crap you give about these awards, as a fan, when your team has been going deep into the postseason. " The Case Against J.A. Happ
Trade J.A. Happ now, while is value is (likely) at its peak?  


Philadelphia Phillies add Quintin Berry, Yohan Flande, Jesus Sanchez to 40-man roster
Procedural, Rule V stuff?


Retired pitcher Terry Mulholland lists 3BD for $2.25M
Another potential TGP clubhouse, this time in Arizona! Snowbird fun!


Philadelphia Phillies Star Shane Victorino's Wedding
A couple pics. Chuck Liddell was Best Man. I need to go lie down now.