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Phillies Breakfast Links, November 2, 2009: China Syndrome, Death by Lee, Finger Pointing

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Bill Conlin: Ghosts of World Series past haunt Phillies

We see you in the shadows, Ken Griffey Sr. The Phils led the Big Red Machine, 6-4, in the bottom of the ninth in 1976's Game 3. Then George Foster homered, Johnny Bench homered. Everybody walked off to a famous World Series with the Red Sox when Griffey scored Dave Concepcion with a one-out, bases-loaded single.

Um, fact checking?


What the hell is this guy talking about?


Sam Donnellon: Manuel should have pitched Lee in Game 4
Oh man, I really hope this "Cliff Lee is soft, he should have pushed to start, I wish they had Roy Halladay!" thing gets off the ground!!!


Aaron a reminder of an innocent era
An era where amphetamines and booze were the drugs of choice...


Victorino silenced after loss
The writer kind of sounds like he hates Victorino.


McCaffery: Howard fills dreaded role of fallen star
The scapegoating has begun...


Philly needs Lee to step up again
This reminds me an awful lot of Game Five, 1993 World Series. Sure they might win this one, but then what?


Frank: If stats aren't enough to bench Hamels, his words should be
Stop it.


'It just didn't work out' for Blanton
Joe Blanton was fine, really.


Phil Sheridan: Phillies struggling to recapture 2008 form
Great headline, really.


Rich Hofmann: The moment we all feared: Lidge implosion
The moment we feared, and saw coming about a million miles away.