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One Three-Game Winning Streak Away From Winning the World Series!

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The Phillies are one three-game winning streak away from winning their second consecutive World Series.  The Yankees, on the flip-side, are one three-game losing streak away from losing their third World Series in the past 9 years.

Worried about the chances here?  Well, yeah, there are some statistical concerns, but nothing that's unprecedented, certainly not for the two teams that are squaring off.

This year, the Phillies had 12 winning streaks of 3 games or more.  In fact, 57 of the Phillies' 92 wins, or 62%, came from winning streaks of 3 games or more.  Such hot streaks were an essential part of the Phillies' 2009 season.  And, to put the hot streaks in the same context as the Phillies' current predicament, two of them came following Phillies' losing streaks of 3 games or more.  The Phillies know how to turn the tide and start winning.

For the Phillies' opponent, the Yankees had 7 losing streaks of 3 games or more this season.  And, 4 of those 7 losing streaks came following winning streaks of 3 or more.  The Yankees clearly know how to take "momentum" and lose it completely.

So, the Phillies can pull through, as they've done it many times this season.  And the Yankees can falter as needed, since they've done it before.

Cliff Lee taking the mound tonight is a great way to start.