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Phillies Breakfast Links, November 24, 2009: Utley Rules, Whippersnappers!

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Lauber: Newfangled pitching stat shows Cole Hamels wasn't much different than last season


NL MVP: It’s gotta be Albert, right?
At least the writers in St. Louis appreciate Chase Utley.


The Hardball Times book excerpt - Pat Moran.

Cool piece from Chris Jaffe on the manager of the 1915 National League Champion Phillies.


STRONG CANDIDATE - Ryan Howard puts together another MVP caliber season
I love Ryan Howard -- I do! -- but his presence on the roster just takes MVP attention away from Chase Utley, who is a better player. But it's a moot point, Albert Pujols should win this thing unanimously.


Bill Conlin: Big gray area for MLB free agents

The rocket-armed veteran gave Ryan Howard letter-high throws at first and was the most productive No. 7 hitter in the NL with 82 RBI while leading the Phillies with a .336 average when batting with runners in scoring position.

Please tell me he didn't just cite those stats.

Phils' training staff honored with award

Despite injuries to guys like Brett Myers, Raul Ibanez, and Jamie Moyer, the team's core has been remarkably durable. 


Phillies FA Preview: Third Base


According to, the Phillies converted just 29 percent of their opportunities for a productive out, the third-worst percentage in the National League. With a man on third and less than two out, the Phillies scored just 48 percent of the time, which ranked in the bottom half of the NL.

Over the last three years, Polanco has converted on 32.8 percent of his opportunities for a productive out. DeRosa, on the other hand, has converted on 29.5 percent. Polanco also hits for a higher average, strikes out less, and has 13 sacrifice hits over the last two years compared to DeRosa's seven. 

And the Phillies were so bad at "productive outs" that they led the league in runs scored! Two of the past three seasons!


Pitcher Park Rides Rocky Road


No rest for Phillies prospects this winter | News
OK, I'm really worried about Domonic Brown... not.


Victorino pours his heart into charity golf event
Good guy!