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Phillies Breakfast Links, November 3, 2009: Phight On, A.J. LOL, Bowa Attraction

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Hey, I'm sure you noticed the different look around here.  Everything works the same.  Sorry for the lack of "warning" on the announcement; we've had lots of other stuff to talk about lately, to be honest.


Chase Utley ties World Series home run record
Greatest Phillie since Mike Schmidt, and it's not really close anymore.


Hamels, Myers tussle after Game 5 win
Okay, who put Brett Myers up to this? Amaro? Rollins?


A day in Philly for a New Yorker: from Giants to Yankees in one day
I love this genre of amateur field anthropology writing: "I went to Philadelphia to root for a rival team and the mean men were MEAN MEAN MEAN WAAAHHHH!!"


Phillies stealing Yankees' signs?
Larry Bowa: "I won't be ignored, Monty!" What a piece of human garbage. I hope he dies.



The Red Sox' Effect On The World Series
I guess they call Boston "The Hub" for a reason. What a bunch of self-centered twits.


Buses, subways halted by Philly transit strike
Well, at least they waited...


Phils mum on Victorino plunking
Clearly looked like an accident.


Gibson scoffs at rest 'issue'
Bob Gibson also never had to pitch to 30 HR hitting shortstops, in the modern "cozy" ballparks, etc.


Phils try to follow 5 comeback teams
See, there is precedent...


Phillies force Game 6 with win over Yankees
I am so incredibly excited to see Pedro Martinez pitch on Wednesday.


Pedro Martinez to carry Phillies' hopes in Game 6
The stuff of legends. I can't wait.


Bill Lyon: Start spreadin' the news: The Fightins live
Read Bill Lyon!