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Phillies Breakfast Links, November 4, 2009: Old Goats, Smearing Hamels, Silent Chase

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Tastykake Soft, Hamels Can't Do Game 7 -- FanHouse
Jay Mariotti, with the worst thing I've ever read.


Gonzo: Some jokes have truth to them
No smear campaign too absurd...


Terrific blog post by Scott Lauber about Pedro Martinez's mentor.


Pedro Martinez looking at Game 6 start for Phillies as 'a blessing'
I really hope this isn't the end of the Pedro Martinez Era in Philadelphia, but if so... it's been incredibly fun.


Cleveland Indians Ace Cliff Lee: The Southpaw Straphanger
An older story, but awesome nonetheless: Cliff Lee, Duke of New York, Subway King.


Girardi has put Yankees in bad position
It's amazing, the New York press is writing like they're the ones down 3-2. Not that it ultimately means a thing, but, it's funny.


Phillies Give All Fans Reason to Cheer Against Yankees - Eric Ortiz -
Thanks, I guess. We'll fight your proxy battles, I suppose.


Best Second Baseman Ever? Utley Makes a Case -
Uh, no. I think very highly of the guy, but... no.


Chase Utley on Track to Be the Next Derek Jeter
KILL. ME. NOW. He's BETTER. Always has been.


Phillies Scoop: Manuel won’t finger Shane’s return date
How horrendous would it be to have Eric Bruntlett as the DH? Might as well surrender.


Phillies' Utley quietly making a big stir
One good thing to come out of this is that the rest of the world gets to see what we've known for years: Chase Utley is awesome. the odd couple.


Bob Ford: Short rest for pitchers was once routine in Series