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Phillies Breakfast Links, November 6, 2009: Aloha, Phillies!

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I'm taking the Breakfast Links back to couple-times-a-week status for now, although that might change during the Winter Meetings and whatnot.  Thanks to Wet Luzinski for handling probably the toughest day so far (I assure you I wasn't doing anything fun that morning).  And thanks to everyone else for reading.  We'll be here all offseason.


Phillies may try to sign Cliff Lee to extension this off-season
The article discusses Sabathia money... I don't know if it'll be that much, but it'll be a lot. And they'll either have to cut spending in other areas (bye Werth?) or increase payroll quite a bit.


10 questions facing the Phillies
I love Pedro Martinez, but I don't think he has a place on this team going forward. Thanks for everything.


Frank: Next year, Phillies could use help from ace, closer
Cole Hamels will be fine. Trust me. And even if he's not, that ring in 2008? His.


5 questions for the Phillies to ponder
Pedro Feliz has to go. Sorry, buddy.


Myers status with Phillies enters flux
It's a tough call. If he wants to come back on a one-year low value "make good" deal, I'm all for it.


Crowd greets players at 30th Street Station


Top 10 Phillies Moments Of 2009