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Phillies Breakfast Links, November 9, 2009: Goodbye Pedro Feliz, Gas Face at 3rd Bas(e)

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Phillies decline option on Feliz
Smell ya later, Pedro Feliz.


WHO’S ON THIRD? - Philled In

Scott Lauber breaks down the potential Feliz replacements.


Phillies consider changes at third base 

Would Chone Figgins bat leadoff? How would Jimmy Rollins feel about that? 



Well, at least we know now what was wrong with Brad Lidge. I hope?


The 10 most memorable moments of the 2009 postseason - Big League Stew - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

I can't believe he forgot Jimmy Rollins' walkoff double in NLCS Game Four the first time through. I mean, really.

Trade Analysis: Hermida a Monster pickup?

Florida Marlins deal Jeremy Hermida to the Boston Red Sox.


World Series Most Watched Since 2004

Thank goodness for this, lining the pockets of MLB and the Steinbrenner family. I was worried there for awhile!


Phillies fans refocusing sights on Eagles’ season

So how did that work out last night?


Jon Gosselin to attend wedding of Shane Victorino |

Shane, I don't like the aroma of these people around you and the team.