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SBN Baseball Postseason Awards -- National League Manager of the Year

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Once again, the SBNation baseball blogging team got together to vote for the traditional postseason award winners.  Each blog got two ballots for the editorial staff to complete (in our case, jonk and myself).  First up, National League Manager of the Year.  See the results below...

Later this week: Rookie Of the Year, Cy Young Award, and Most Valuable Pujols Player.

Jim Tracy is a worthy winner.  He took a team from the dregs of the division in the spring and made a spirited run at the NL West title, falling just short and settling for the Wild Card.  His Rockies took the eventual NL Champion Phillies to four games in the NLDS, nearly forcing a fifth game in Philadelphia, but for a two out rally in the bottom of the ninth of Game Four in frigid Denver.

Phillies' skipper Charlie Manuel finished fifth.


Manager Team 1st 2nd 3rd Pts
1 Jim Tracy Colorado Rockies 24 1 2 125
2 Tony LaRussa St. Louis Cardinals 3 7 10 46
3 Fredi Gonzalez Florida Marlins 2 6 5 33
4 Joe Torre Los Angeles Dodgers - 9 2 29
5 Charlie Manuel Philadelphia Phillies - 3 5 14
6 Bruce Bochy San Francisco Giants 1 1 1 9
7 Bobby Cox Atlanta Braves - 1 4 7
8 Bud Black San Diego Padres - 1 1 4
9 John Russell Pittsburgh Pirates - 1 - 3