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Congratulations ScottAZ -- Winner of the 2009 Good Phight World Series Prediction Contest

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The World Series is over, and the results of the 2009 Good Phight World Series Prediction Contest are in.  Congratulations to ScottAZ for getting 6 points in the context.  FuquaManuel tied ScottAZ, but as the rules state, I did a random drawing and ScottAZ won.  I'll be contacting ScottAZ shortly about the prize.

Here are the answers to each question asked in the contest.

  1. Cliff Lee wins:  2
  2. Ryan Howard home runs:  1
  3. Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins stolen bases (combined total):  3
  4. Eric Bruntlett plate appearances:  1
  5. Phillies starting pitcher innings not by Cliff Lee or Pedro Martinez:  10.3
  6. Brett Myers innings pitched:  1
  7. Jimmy Rollins walks:  5
  8. Brad Lidge saves:  0
  9. Alex Rodriguez hits with runners in scoring position:  2
  10. Mariano Rivera runs allowed:  0
  11. World Series outcome (victor and # of games):  Yankees in 6

A couple of entries are worth noting.  Sept.28.Oct.27.Dec.28.2008 had 5 points, the highest point total for an entry not guessing the correct outcome of the Series.  (Both ScottAZ and FuquaManuel guessed Yankees in 6, which was worth 3 points.)  And Phils 2036 World CH guessed correctly that Jimmy Rollins would have 5 walks, something I consider an absurd guess and outcome!

Thanks to all for playing.  Let's do this again next October!