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Headlines for the New Year

In light of the season (and the dry spell of Phillies news), I figured I’d try something fun here in lieu of your standard Phillies fare.  Here I’m going to give you four headlines for the upcoming year, all related to the Phillies, of course.  They fall in the bolded categories below.

I encourage everyone else to join in with their own contributions in these categories in the comments.

Headline I'm most fearful of seeing in 2010:  Roy Halladay out for season with torn rotator cuff.

Headline I most want to see in 2010:  Cole Hamels wins NL Cy Young award.

Headline I most expect to see in 2010:  Mets out of NL East race as they battle injuries once again.

Headline I least expect to see in 2010:  Eric Bruntlett leads Nationals to first ever post-season appearance.

Now it's your turn.  Have fun, and may all your Phillies dreams come true in 2010!

Happy New Year!