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Winter Meetings: Phillies Storylines







(Get it?) 

Okay, that's not quite accurate: the Phillies probably will do something either this week in Indianapolis or in the next couple weeks, before baseball hibernates for the holidays. All reports are that they're looking to add a veteran reliever for high-leverage innings late in games, with Brandon Lyon the desired target if he reduces his demands (and Ruben Amaro obviously happy to telegraph this through media reports) and/or if Chan Ho Park can't be enticed back. Some trades likely are being kicked around, though the rumor that Joe Blanton might be on the block doesn't pass the smell test. As WholeCamels noted yesterday, Andy Martino daydreams in print (or pixels) about Roy Halladay

But basically the team that takes the field next April is the team that left it in early November, incorporating the recent additions of Placido Polanco, Brian Schneider and Juan Castro. That the Phillies haven't made and aren't likely to make any earth-shaking moves is a bit boring--but that they really don't have to do so to contend for a title again next year is more than a little comforting.