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Pitchers and Catchers

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At the risk of being a maudlin grandmother, today is my favorite day of the year (no, not Valentine's Day you silly geese!): Pitchers and Catchers report.  And it's fairly novel for those of us in Philadelphia to have enjoyed such a short offseason.  (Because the Phillies won the by God World Series last year.  Just keep saying it to yourself.  It never gets old).

Here's a quick li'l roundup of some stories outta Clearwater:

Brett Myers and Ryan Howard have lost a first grader between the two of them.  I feel like every spring there are stories about Myers dropping lots of weight over the winter, only to see him pack it all back on as the season progresses.  Myers will be a free agent after this season, and I'm fairly comfortable with the idea of his departure.

Adam Eaton, with the faintest glimmer of shame and self-awareness, is seeking his release.

John Gonzalez sends another truckload of craptalk up the Turnpike toward Flushing.

Harry Kalas on the shelf for most of Spring Training due to a medical procedure.  Get well, Harry.