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Tuesday Phillies Breakfast Links

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Pedro Feliz's recovery going kind of slowly.

Of course the press loves a rivalry; it's an easy way to fill up empty page space on an otherwise slow news day.

The lesson of the J.C. Romero saga?  Don't trust anybody.

Mike Koplove joins the home team.

The race to be Carlos Ruiz's backup.  I'm putting my vote in for Paulino right now, but if Marson starts hot for the IronPigs, promote him pronto.

Jonathan Broxton recovering from a severe neck injury resulting from Matt Stairs-induced whiplash; expected to be ready for Opening Day.  Torre will write about him in six years, call him "pansy," "unfit to carry Rivera's makeup kit."

Gramps disses former Rod teammate.

Ryan Madson appears to have chosen a new uniform number.  I don't get it; I kinda liked #63.

Also from The Fightins: Charlie Manuel's sign in Buena Vista, VA.

Finally, Jimmy (hattip, again, The Fightins):