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Wednesday Phillies Breakfast Links

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Raul Ibanez discusses longtime teammate Alex Rodriguez.

Charlie Manuel gives his Spring Training address: "Just do what you did last year."

Phillies top prospect Carlos Carrasco attempts to crack the rotation.

So does J.A. Happ.  I recommend they settle this with a Thunderdome-style battle (although the lame example below appears to be from the Burning Man Festival.  The guy on the left, Dave Pritchard, is VP, Accounts Receivable, for a large shipping company; on the right, Sam Palmer, equity partner for a major California law firm.  They're fighting over the last dose of Ketamine.)...



Brad Lidge would name names.

I can think of at least one thing wrong with this headline...

Former Phillies farmhand Mike Costanzo to play for Italy in World Baseball Classic.

Beerleaguer's 2009 Ex-Phillie Non-Roster Invitee Team.

Via -- Ibanez samples some cheesesteaks.