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Thursday Phillies Breakfast Links

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Jose Reyes - "The Phillies are obsessed with us."  Phillies - "I'm sorry, what's that?  We were just distracted thinking about the shiny rings we'll be picking up in April."  Here's a tip, Jose: People will stop slagging you if you and your teammates shut your friggin' clams until you do something.  Otherwise, go away.

Rollins knows 'roids.  And, his ankle is fully healed.

Will this be Harry Kalas' last season?

Bobby Abreu happy for the Phillies.

And Jim Thome keeps on keepin' on.

Chan Ho Park's wife has a cookbook; rejected title: "Dishes for a Washout Husband."

Larry Bowa chews Brad Penny's face off like a crazed chimp.

Mike Schmidt would ultimately welcome Alex Rodriguez into Hall of Fame, but not without getting some good digs in first.