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Friday Phillies Breakfast Links

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Our first week of Breakfast Links concludes, how do you like it so far?

Chase Utley -- back in the lineup sooner rather than later?  (omg NYTimes)

Raul Ibanez is nothing if not a stalwart ex-teammate.  This time he has Ichiro's back.

Chan Ho Park comments on Matt Stairs deflating the Dodgers in Game 4 last year.

Stairs discusses his own place on the roster, and in Philadelphia Folklore.

You Don't Mess With the J-Roll.

Mike Lowell: HA-HA!

I hope the fame doesn't go to their heads.

Beerleaguer on "artificial bulletin board material."  Sweet read.  You can only stomp your feet and say "We're the best!" so much before you have to put it on the field, and that goes for the Phillies as well as the Mets.

And finally, this Dick's Sporting Goods ad starring Jimmy Rollins (h/t The 700 Level and AdFreak):