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February 25, 2009 - Wednesday Phillies Breakfast Links

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First game of spring!  Check out Bucs Dugout for more coverage.  How to watch/listen.

Bill Conlin's All-Time Phillies Punk Team.  Some interesting selections on there...

Updates for Josh Outman and Adrian Cardenas, dealt to Oakland last summer for World Series slugging icon Joe Blanton...

Meanwhile, Blanton reminisces on his homer heroics.  I was at that game and have never experienced a more joyful "What the hell just happened?!" sports moment in my life.

Harry Kalas set to return to the booth after medical procedure.  Get well, Harry!

John Kruk slams the sport for ignoring cheaters.  Um, that clubhouse in 1993...

Mike Schmidt is getting into Anthony Hewitt's business.  This seemed to work so well for Pat Burrell.

The Fightins continues its Top 11 2008 Regular Season moments.  Today: Number 10.