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February 26, 2009 - Thursday Phillies Breakfast Links

DOOMED.  Pack it in.  Trade everyone.  Rebuilding year!  Pirates beat Phillies 8-2.  Here's some video.

Brad Lidge looks to improve on 2008.  Wut?

You are like the buzzing of flies to them!

Scott Eyre update: Phillies fronting him some of his $2 million salary.

Good feature on Jamie Moyer, really one of the good guys in the game.

Don't count out the Phillies in 2009.  Don't worry, we won't.

The Fightins regular season moment Number 9.

This is a few days old, but over at Phuture Phillies, they make the point that losing the draft pick for signing Ibanez may not be the end of the world -- the 2009 draft class kinda stinks.