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Game Preview: Grapefruit League, Blue Jays at Phillies, 1:05 pm

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After a sound thrashing at the hands of the Buccos yesterday, the Phillies head home to take on their Partners in Gillickry, the Toronto Blue Jays.

Phillies projected lineup:

Jimmy Rollins SS
Jason Donald 3B
Raul Ibanez LF
Ryan Howard DH
John Mayberry RF
Greg Dobbs 1B
Marcus Giles 2B
Jason Ellison CF
Carlos Ruiz C

Pitching duties will be handled by 5th starter candidates Carlos Carrasco, who will be relieved by J.A. Happ.  It'd be hilarious in a rom-com kind of way if they get all catty with each other in their competition, sorta like Bride Wars or that piece of crap with Patrick Dempsey (which one?  PICK one!)  -- (OMG did J.A. just put TABASCO SAUCE in Carlos's underpants?!  TEE HEE!  "Tabasco for Carrasco," he'll say, impishly) only to realize, at the end, when Kyle Kendrick gets the job anyway, that they were stupid to fight, and that their friendship is more important than anything else, and they'll head up the Turnpike to Allentown wiser and closer than ever.  Cue Ingrid Masterson, ROLL CREDITS.  $30MM opener, $120MM domestic gross, I swear.