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February 27, 2009 - Friday Phillies Breakfast Links

Who is Jayson Werth?

Another day, another loss.  Can't the Phillies win anything?  But most importantly, Happ and Carrasco pitched extremely well.

Johan Santana scratched from his Friday start due to an elbow owwie.  Commence the Flushing suicide watch.

Has the Phillies pursuit of Nomar come to a merciful conclusion?

Myers and Howard aren't the only players in the game who decided to stop being big fatsos.

Go see the World Series trophy next month.  I swear, at this rate, every household in the Delaware Valley will get to spend a night with the trophy, watching some NetFlix and having some popcorn.

What's a Canadian farmboy to do?  What else can a farmboy from Canada do?

Another reason to dislike the Atlanta Braves is the creepy entanglement Disney has with their Spring Training operations.

All well and good, but where's Kim Batiste?

The Fightins #8 moment of the 2008 regular season (BONUS PIC of Jayson Werth's mom!)